Private Piano Lessons

Private Piano Lessons for Adults & Children

Learn to play the piano at Takano Music Studio here in Singapore and enjoy our ever popular lessons at our fantastic studio in Robertson Quay.

Both adults and children learn to play the piano with us in private lessons with our superb, qualified teachers, under the watchful eye of our musical director, Shizuka.

Each new student will have a bespoke curriculum designed for them and once a basic skillset is gained, their musical journey has no bounds! Learning to play the piano has benefits beyond the ability to play the instrument; it develops concentration, memory and encourages discipline and patience. For children in particular, it is an opportunity for every parent to accentuate their child’s personal development outside of school.

Private piano lessons at Takano Music Studio enable the student to hone their skills in a personal one on one setting, creating the opportunity for fast progression and achievement of their goals. Whether child or adult, you can be assured that our welcoming studio atmosphere will create the perfect environment for learning to play the piano.

Children's Private Piano

Give your children the perfect start and enrol them with Takano Music Studio private piano lessons. Learning to play the piano is a skill which will stay with your child for the rest of their life. Our music director, Shizuka, will design a course suited to your child – from beginner to advanced ability, covering rhythm, tonality, singing, listening, reading musical score and pitch.

For children aged 3-8 years : 30minutes 
For children aged 9 years & above : 45minutes

If you would like to learn about rhythm, how to sing and to read musical score, our private one on one lessons give your child the perfect opportunity to do so at their own pace and to suit their ability levels. 

Find out more about our class schedules here. 

Adults' Private Piano

Did you learn to play the piano as a child, but haven’t played for many years? Or, have you always wanted to play, but never had the chance to learn? At Takano Music Studio in Singapore, our Music Director, Shizuka, will tailor a course to your needs. Fun, exciting and in a relaxed and comfortable setting, Takano Music Studio welcomes adults of all ages to come along and try our piano lessons!


♪ stressed at work and need a release

♪ looking to get back into piano having not played for many years

♪ who always wanted to play the piano but too shy…



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What Our Students Say ...

Here at Takano Music Studio in Singapore, we have many students who have enjoyed their piano classes. Here are some of their experiences.


Miu Shirakawa

My son, Ryuto has been learning for 2 years and 7 months from the age of 7. To start with, he couldn’t play with both hands, nor could he read the notes.

His first accomplishment was being able to master a piece of music from Burgmüller in about two months! By six months, he was finally able to fulfil his goal of playing “Dolly’s Dreaming & Awakening” – all thanks to his teacher, Shizuka.

He has since learned a lot of difficult songs, learnt the depth of music and even entered competitions!

My son has grown in confidence not only due to skill of playing piano, but for the fun of music, and the joy & sense of accomplishment when playing difficult songs. He has also learned the importance of practising, and the importance of taking on challenges.

Thank you very much.


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